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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 18 Feb 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • The 'Wintel' dominance appears to be on extremely shaky ground now that tablets are fast replacing traditional PCs and netbooks as the preferred computing platform;
  • TSMC is reportedly taking action to further ramp up wafer production capabilities at its fabrication plants to meet the growing demand;
  • Sony launches a new premium line of OLED television sets, and…
  • … starts cracking down on users who have 'jailbroken' their PlayStation 3 consoles by landing the banhammer on the first group of offenders

Hardware News:

Kingston DT Ultimate 3.0 32GB Review – XSReviews
Description: Kingston have long been known for producing high quality memory products, from laptop/desktop memory to flash drives and SSDs. What we have today falls into the flash drive category. It's a 32GB USB 3.0 version of the DataTraveler series, the DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0. Available in 16, 32 and 64GB versions and boasting some pretty quick read/write speeds it certainly looks impressive but how does it really do? Let's take a look.

Inno3D GTX570 1.25GB Review @ Vortez
Description: The GTX570 appears to be an amalgamation of several graphics cards in one on first impressions. Firstly, it features the tweaked GF110 core found in the GTX580. Like the GTX480, it has one stream multiprocessor disabled for a total of 480 CUDA cores and 60 texture units. And lastly, it sports the same memory bus and memory/ROP count of the GTX470, the latter feature being intrinsically to the memory.

Now is the Wintel of Intel’s discontent
Description: Netbooks are just so passé nowadays, don’t you think? Every vendor in the world has decided that after the success of the Apple iPad, they’ve just got to have a tablet.

Lian Li PC-V354 Review @ ocaholic
Description: With the PC-V354 Lian Li has a m-ATX case in it's portfolio which should offer a lot of space for hardware for such a compact enclosure. Especially regarding the hard drives Lian Li seems to have made its homework. Of course, like with all Lian Li cases the timeless design alone would be reason enough to wirte an entire review.

SilverStone Strider Gold 750W Power Supply Review @ OCIA.net
Description: The 750W Strider Gold has many of the same specifications as the 750W Strider Plus (Silver) such as a 750W continuous rating at 40°C, all modular cables, single +12V rail, 19dBA 135mm variable speed fan, 2200uF capacitors on the PCI-E cables and all the same protection features. How the 750W Strider Gold differs from the 750W Strider Plus, aside from the name, is primarily in its greater efficiency.

Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000 Watt Modular Power Supply Review
Description: Cooler Master already showed in our previous reviews, that they manufacture excellent power supply units and their Silent Pro Gold 1000W power supply underlines this impressively. The results are so impressive, that the Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000W received the ocinside.de OverClocking Dream 02/2011 award. In the review we will examine, among other things, how high the current consumption is with this enormously high power of 1KW and if it is worth to buy such a PSU.

TSMC to ramp capacity at Fab 14, hire new staff
Description: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is currently equipping 12-inch tools at its Fab 14, Phase 4 facility located at the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP). Designed monthly capacity is 40,000 wafers, according to the company.

Consumer Electronics and Software News:

PI Manufacturing Digital Indoor, Outdoor ATSC Antenna @ TestFreaks
Description: One of the great things about society is free stuff, all of the free stuff that’s out there for anyone to have anytime they want. One of the great free things is TV, it’s just out there for anyone to grab right out of the air. For many years that’s what I did, my kids were young and they didn’t care too much about TV, but as they got older they needed more, and honestly I missed it. I tried a few different antennas with mixed results. Today for review I’ve got an over the antenna that can be used indoors and outdoors, it’s small and from what I’ve learned it works well.

Sony launches 25-inch OLED TV
Description: Sony has announced its new Trimaster EL series of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) monitors for professional applications, such as video production or broadcasting rooms. What is interesting about the new monitors is that the top model, the Trimaster BVME 250, has a nearly 25-inch panel – 24 5/8 inches, to be precise, or, in metric terms, 623.4 mm. This makes it the biggest OLED panel currently in production. In addition, the newest twins also offer 1920×1080 pixel formats, or full HD resolution.

Google Search Finally Going Fully Social With Shared Twitter Links And Even Quora Data
Description: At least a couple times a week we get tipped about Google testing a new “social search” feature. The truth is that the “social circle” results that everyone is pointing to have been in place since 2009. But Google clearly didn’t think too much of them and shoved them all the way down at the bottom of the results page. I’m not sure I’ve ever clicked on a link served up there. But this social aspect is about to get a lot more interesting starting today.

Some Nokia N8 and C7 phones have defective AMOLED screens?
Description: It seems that some Nokia N8 and C7 AMOLED displays are defective. The most common complaint (there are several actually) is that the screen has a purple tint in darker areas. It's not clear yet whether this is a software or a hardware issue. It is speculated that Nokia uses two kinds of displays – although it's unlikely as all AMOLEDs are made by Samsung.

Smartphone Buying Guide: First Half of 2011
Description: To help you navigate through the sea of new smartphones getting released week in and week out we've put together a selection with what we consider are the hottest devices out there. They are listed alongside their respective specs, price, and features from newest to oldest. Many devices listed here are not yet available but will be in a relatively short timespan. We hope this will help you narrow down your purchase, and as usual your feedback is always welcome.

Cooler Master Storm Spawn: The Red-Black Fury @ InsideHW
Description: As evident from the title, Cooler Master’s Storm Spawn comes in a combination of red and black colour. The scroll wheel and all buttons are matted black; according to Cooler Master, Omron microswitches were used to manufacture these, which guarantees at least five million clicks – a mind-boggling piece of information, sufficient on its own to make you want to buy this mouse. The rest of the mouse’s upper body is coloured glossy red, which really has an effect on the overall visual impact…

Koribo Mini Keyboard @ TestFreaks
Description: Keyboards are an integral part of our life and they come in many shapes and sizes and some have specialized uses. A little bit ago I was contacted by a new company and they asked me to review a few of their products, specifically wireless keyboards. Today for review I have a small and unique little keyboard from Koribo just called the Mini. It very much reminds me of a gamepad, it has a full keyboard, many special keys, a joystick for controlling the cursor and a touch sensitive slider for scrolling. It uses two AA batteries that are supposed to give you about three months of use. This little keyboard is perfect for an HTPC setup surely or just anytime you might need a little wireless keyboard.

Gaming News:

Valkyria Chronicles 3 To Come With Extra Episodes
Description: DLC missions and episodes are heading towards Valkyria Chronicles 3 as Sega plans to release them online. Extra episodes cost 600 yen while missions are just 200 yen. Episode one “The Restless” comes out on February 24, which follows the squad leader of “Nameless”. Sega plans to release the extra mission a week later on March 3.

PS3 hacker bans begin
Description: Sony is apparently already dropping the banhammer on PS3 jailbreakers and pirates in Europe and the US.

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