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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 17 Feb 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • Review of GlacialTech Alaska Multiple Platform CPU Cooler;
  • Preview of OCZ Vertex 3 Pro SandForce SF-2582 200GB SSD;
  • Leaked Dell Roadmap Shows Tablet, Smartphone Schedule ;
  • Inception App: Easier to Understand Than the Movie (Review);
  • Chewbacca Coming to Star Wars: The Clone Wars…and more

Hardware News:

GlacialTech Alaska Multiple Platform CPU Cooler

Description: This extremely tall heatsink weighs in at 740 grams and occupies a lot of space; 130mm (w) x 101mm (l) x 156mm (h). The design allows the Alaska to be used on Intel LGA775, 1156, 1366, AMD AM2, and AM3 platforms and GlacialTech swears that it is easy to install.

CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse Review

Description: With the Spawn, Cooler Master shows quite a simple gaming mouse where they focussed on the essentials. Compared to for example their Sentinel gaming mouse the applied less buttons and also simplified the software.

Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler CLP0574 review

Description: Thermaltake makes dozens of CPU coolers— there are thirteen separate models for Socket 1366 alone, of which the Jing is the most expensive at an MSRP of $69.99. Thermaltake bills the Jing as having "Optimized performance cooling and ultra-silent design".

OCZ Vertex 3 Pro SandForce SF-2582 200GB SSD Preview

Description: Our engineering sample showed up plain and un-branded but obviously the production models will not whip this way. Available in capacities of 100GB, 200GB and 300GB with MSRP’s of $525, $775 and $1350 respectively, expect to see the Vertex 3 Pro drives available soon.

Crucial Ballistix PC3-17000 DDR-3 4GB Kit

Description: This memories works with 2133 MHz and 9-10-9-24-1T at 1.65 Volt. So we’ve found a very interesting kit for our Sandy bridge system, that supports memories up to 2300 mhz. But what about the performance?

ASUS P8P67 Sandy Bridge motherboard review

Description: ASUS P8P67 is one of the cheaper motherboards from ASUS, just around 1200-1300 Danish Kroner. But it still have a lot of interesting features and functions, like USB 3.0 and EFI BIOS

Consumer Electronics and Software News::

Leaked Dell Roadmap Shows Tablet, Smartphone Schedule

Description: Dell's roadmaps for tablets and smartphones have apparently been leaked, and the listings show devices running on yet-to-be-released Google Android and Microsoft software.

Inception App: Easier to Understand Than the Movie (Review)

Description: Warner recently released the official movie App for Inception. While there have been other Apps based on the movie released by the movie studio, this is more of an interactive application comaparible to a Blu-Ray in terms of extras.

Compro Videomate U680F TV adapter

Description: One thing that some people like to do is add TV watching functionality. If you don't want to do it with a PCI card of some kind, Compro are offering a USB friendly solution. Enter the Videomate U680F complete with remote and 1080i support.

Mivizu A90 iPad Stand Review

Description: The A90 looks like a photo frame without the photo. The acrylic case is all black with the Mivizu company name printed in white across the bottom. The bezel is pretty thin and feels a little flimsy under the hand without an iPad installed.

Verizon iPhone sales less than expected

Description: Verizon said the iPhone broke its record for the most phones sold in a 24-hour period, there's been a marketing blitzkrieg, and analysts have praised the launch as a sort of second coming of Christ.

Gaming News:

Chewbacca Coming to Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Description: Another iconic part of Star Wars history is being brought into The Clone Wars, with the introduction of a certain beloved wookie. The New York Times has revealed that none other than Chewbacca will make his debut on the series, in a two-parter that will end Season 3. The storyline will find Chewbacca teaming with Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker's padawan.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Review

Description: Historically, the Marvel vs. Capcom series has been viewed as a light-hearted enterprise, an upbeat crossover to entertain the Westerners. Certainly this was true of the first arcade release, a game intended to introduce Capcom's poster boys and girls to comic book fans, and not much else.

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