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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 13 May 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • NVIDIA has finally taken the wraps off its elusive GeForce GTX 560 graphics card, which is reportedly due for release on May 17;
  • Word has it that Samsung will be showing off its new 10.1inch display panel for smartphones that is capable of achieveing an unheard-of native resolution of 2560 x 1600 in an event next Tuesday;
  • Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos drops subtle hints about the possibility of the company taking up production of its own Amazon-branded tablet device to compete in the tablet space;
  • HTC's upcoming Sensation smartphone has been confirmed to be a device that will not appeal to the hacker community due to its use of a locked bootloader;
  • Game publisher and developer Ubisoft claims that Nintendo's Wii successor, which is currently known by its development name of 'Project Cafe', will make the task of porting games over from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 significantly easier due to various factors, and;
  • Large amounts of information about the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game has reportedly been leaked.

Hardware news

Plextor PX-B120U BD Rom Review – XSReviews
Description: HD content is here to stay and 3D is becoming the latest high end viewing feature to be hitting living rooms around the world. However, full HD and 3D movies are only just beginning to appear in streaming or “on-demand” formats so what to do in the mean time? You’ve gotta go bluray. If you want one the plugs into your media centre, or you don’t want to go internal, Plextor have a drive that could fit the bill. Let’s see if their 4x BD Rom is any good.

GIGABYTE X58-USB3 (Intel X58 Express) Motherboard Review
Description: With all the news about the P67, the B2 or B3 stepping and now Z68, there is still room for the tried and true X58 chipset. This time on our bench is a mid-range board from GIGABYTE – we have the X58-USB3. The X58-USB3 leaves off the SATA 3.0, but keeps the USB 3.0. You also still get the usual SLI and Crossfire support and all for the fairly low price of $179.99 at Newegg at the time of writing. This is not bad at all to enter the world of triple channel RAM and the upper end Core i7 CPUs!

GeForce GTX 560 Revealed On NVIDIA's GeForce.
Description: As you may have already seen, GeForce.com has taken the wraps off the GeForce GTX 560, due for release on the 17th. By getting ahead of half-truths and partial info leaks we feel NVIDIA's customers will be better informed come release day, and though we can't include performance figures just yet (we're sticking to the same embargo as general press), we do include the Optimal Playable Settings for Duke Nukem Forever with 3D Vision enabled, Alice: Madness Returns with hardware PhysX set to max, and Dungeon Siege III in triple-screen, super-wide Surround. We've also got example screenshots from each game, and comparison shots for Alice showing the game running on PhysX low and PhysX max. All in all, pretty nifty!

ineo I-NA559N Pro 5-Bay NAS Server Review
Description: We've been reviewing ineo Technology products for the last year and been amazed at the price points they've hit with each and every product we've reviewed. At CES ineo told us about their bold plans for an ATOM based NAS server that has a handful of bells and whistles, but has a price point lower than their competition. Today we finally get to see the ineo NA559N Pro 5-Bay NAS and run it through our test lab.

Intel Smart Response Technology and Intel 311 Larson Creek SSD Review
Description: What's interesting about Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT) is that it can designate a SSD to cache frequently accessed I/O data in a sort of hybrid RAID 0 arrangement. In turn, Windows will retrieve data it frequently requests from fast SSD memory instead of a hard drives' comparatively slow magnetic storage medium. The upshot? Intel SRT can yield like-SSD responsiveness to systems where Windows and everything else is installed on a traditional hard drive. The system doesn't require a very large solid state drive, a 20GB Intel 311 SSD does the job quite nicely.

Larkooler KU3-241 Watercooling kit @ XSReviews.co.uk
Description: With the summer coming up everyone is in dire need of adequate system cooling and Larkooler knows this. A while ago they introduced their new watercooling kit, which should be silent, cool and artistic at the same time. The KU3-241 is the follow-up of it’s older brother which means it must bring better performance to the table; let’s see if this holds true!

Kingston HyperX Genesis PC3-12800 4GB Kit Review
Description: Following the trend of companies expanding with new series, today we're looking at the new Genesis kit from Kingston which is part of the popular HyperX series we know and love. While named Genesis, the term we've been throwing around more is HyperX Grey and that's of course due to the color of the heat spreader that's present. The particular kit we're looking at today is the PC3-12800 4GB version, but it's worth noting that an 8GB version of the kit can also be bought. Being PC3-12800 means the kit carries with it a default clock speed of 1600MHz DDR. It's funny to see companies opt for these lower speed kits lately over the higher end 1866MHz and 2133MHz DDR ones that we've seen for the few months before hand.

Samsung demos retina resolution 300dpi tablet display
Description: Samsung will demonstrate a 2560 x 1600 10.1" panel at the SID Display Week 2011 International Symposium starting Tuesday, May 17.

Consumer Electronics and Software news

Bezos On An Amazon Tablet: “Stay Tuned”
Description: Amazon has always been frustratingly close-lipped about its hardware business, opting not to divulge sales numbers or upcoming hardware changes for more or less the entire life of the Kindle. And incredibly, such information rarely leaks out (though we managed to catch the graphite Kindle 3 ahead of its debut). But today just two words are sending the tech blogs into confusion, as Jeff Bezos coyly tells an interviewer to “stay tuned” in relation to a new Amazon tablet.

New iMac Drives Not Meant to Be Replaced, And I Hate It
Description: Don’t replace the hard drive in your new 2011 iMac , or the fans will scream like a banshee as they spin up to full-speed and the Apple Hardware Test (AHT) will fail. The issue is that the factory-installed Apple hard drives have a built-in thermal sensor that is connected to the logic board by a proprietary SATA power cable that includes additional pins for the sensor.

Lucid Virtu Graphics Virtualization @ Benchmark Reviews
Description: Lucid (formerly LucidLogix) appeared on the enthusiast horizon with their "Hydra" technology, which purported to enable vendor-agnostic multi-GPU systems. Users would be able to combine the performance of different video cards from different vendors, rather than being constrained to the cards required by ATI CrossFireX or NVIDIA SLI. Hydra didn't work as well as had been hoped, but the introduction of Intel's new Z68 chipset came with an announcement that Intel had licensed Lucid's "Virtu" GPU virtualization technology. This brings significant new features to Z68 motherboards, and Benchmark Reviews will examine them in this article.

Ring Mouse available for $70, just in time for your nerd wedding proposal
Description: Sure, Ring Mouse sounds like something you might catch from an out-of-control rodent population while on vacation in a foreign country. And yes, we'll admit that that the whole concept sounds a bit awkward to those who have spent their entire computing lives using more input devices, but we've heard some compelling feedback from those who've actually tried Genius's wearable wireless peripheral, and it turns out the thing is actually usable. Now you can get in on that action, seeing as how the company just announced North American availability for the wireless peripheral.

HTC Sensation to carry locked bootloader
Description: HTC's upcoming Sensation smartphone will continue the company's tradition of having a locked bootloader, AndroidPolice found. This means the Android phone won't easily support custom ROMs or recovery software, if at all. This is a disappointment to the developer/hacker community, as the Sensation will be one of the most powerful handsets with both a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor and HSPA+ 3G.

Facebook owns up to Google smear campaign
Description: Burston-Marsteller, a public consultancy recently came forward earlier this week saying that Facebook had hired the company to pull off a smear campaign against Google’s social networking service, Social Circles. Burston-Marsteller sent major news outlets pitches about the privacy and legal issues concerning the service.

Fujitsu updates its ESPRIMO FH Series with BDXL, 3D and enhanced Gesture Control
Description: Fujitsu new Esprimo FH Series is the company latest All in One Series of desktop computers that runs exclusively on Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge CPUs. Available in different size and flavors, the FH Series comes with the choice between 23 or 20” Screens with 3D Models or ones fitted with a touch-panel. As far as the CPUs are concerned you will find on the High-end FH99/CM Series a Core i7-2630QM, while other models will comes with a Core i5-2520M or Core i3-2310M.

Gaming news

Ubisoft: Nintendo Project Cafe makes PS3, Xbox ports easy
Description: Nintendo's Project Cafe will be much more friendly to cross-platform games than the Wii, Ubisoft chief Yves Guillemot hinted during a results call. He explained that developers could "leverage a lot of the work" from the PS3 and Xbox 360. Titles would still be optimized for the future console, according to Guillemot, but much more of the core work will carry over.

Ocarina of Time 3D Looks Pretty Much Definitive
Description: Unless something goes horribly wrong between now and its release, the first 3DS Zelda remake will be the finest (and funnest) version of the game.

Flood of Modern Warfare 3 Details Pour In
Description: It's tough to keep things under wraps when you're the biggest entertainment franchise in the world. So it should come as no surprise that the first details of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 have leaked. What is surprising is the absolute deluge of information that hit the tubes today. Hit the jump for the lowdown on Modern Warfare 3.

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