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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 15 Feb 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • HIS's Radeon HD 6970 graphics card gets reviewed;
  • Seagate officially announces the shipment of its one millionth self-encrypting hard drive;
  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs gets a virtual boot to the face courtesy of LG;
  • Steve Ballmer talks about Internet Explorer 9 and multitasking for Windows Phone 7, and
  • Kohime Musou, the popular Japanese visual novel which features a genderbent version of the Three Kingdoms, is getting an arcade fighter adaptation.

Hardware News:

AXLE GeForce GT 430 1GB Video Card Review @ Legit Reviews
Description: Legit Reviews has the NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 Classic Edition video card from AXLE 3D up for review today. Equipped with 96 CUDA cores on the GF108 'Fermi' GPU along with 1GB of GDDR3 memory, the GT 430 is geared toward lower end gaming and the home theater markets. Read on to see what we find on the AXLE GeForce GT 430 and to see how it performs in games lie Mafia 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum!

Enermax Hoplite Review @ Vortez
Description: Enermax are world renowned for their presence within the PSU and cooling departments and are regarded as a household name, but would you be shocked to hear that Enermax also produce computer cases? Admittedly they have only a very small selection to choose from, but in the last 2 years Enermax have branched off into the computer case genre which will certainly surprised quite a few. These cases have been directed toward entry level users, so fundamentally the hardware enthusiast will be ignorant of their existence. But this year, things are about to change.

Asus Xonar DG Headphone Amp Sound Card Review @ Tweaknews
Description: Asus' Xonar line continues its impressive lineup with the Xonar DG, proving to be an exceptional value at $30. It does a good job providing richer, fuller sound over speakers, but the built-in headphone amp is where this card really excels.

Xigmatek Achilles Plus SD1484 Heatsink @ Benchmark Reviews
Description: One of the benefits of testing computer hardware is that you occasionally get to look at new kit before it's introduced to the market. In my time at Benchmark Reviews, I've been fortunate enough to be able to review some cases and CPUs before they were generally available (or in some cases, before they were even announced). Recently Benchmark Reviews was given the oppotunity to evaluate a prototype of Xigmatek's forthcoming Achilles Plus SD1484 CPU cooler, and I tested it to compares its performance to a variety of air and water coolers.

ASUS Sabertooth P67 Review @ ocaholic
Description: With the Sabertooth P67, ASUS has an Intel-P67 based motherboard in its portfolio that comes with some interesting features. Therefore very suspicious is the so called thermal shield. This plastic cover should allow an optimized airflow over the boards core components.

HIS HD 6970 Review – XSReviews
Description: Each generation of graphics cards is made up of the kind of GPUs that most people buy, the mid-range and they have the budget ones which quite a lot of others buy. Then you have the monsters, dual chip and single. Today we look at the latter one from HIS, the HD 6970. A giant card with expected impressive performance; though you know this is going to pull a lot of power. Let's see how much.

Seagate Ships One Millionth Self-Encrypting Hard Drive.
Description: Seagate Technologies, the company that ships most enterprise-class hard disk drives (SEDs), on Monday said that shipments of its self-encrypting drives (SEDs) have exceeded one millions of units. The company intends to greatly expand its lineup of SEDs as it believed that the demand for such drives will grow fast.

Consumer Electronics and Software News:

Watch Steve Jobs Get Kicked In The Face By The LG Optimus Pad
Description: Nevermind the man is recovering from cancer, LG just kicked Steve Jobs’ in the face. Really. Well, virtually at least. But it still counts!

Mad Catz CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Elite USB Gaming Keyboard Review @ Bigbruin.com
Description: Mad Catz may not be the best known name in the electronics accessory business, but odds are that you may have used one of their products before. They manufacture everything from fully licensed console controllers, to Rock Band and Guitar Hero branded instruments. For this review, Geeks.com has sent over the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Elite USB gaming keyboard.

Sony announces pricing for the EX720 3D TVs, ready for pre-order
Description: Sony's Bravia EX720 3D TVs are now priced and can be pre-ordered. The 32" (KDL32EX720) will cost $949, the 40" (KDL40EX720) will cost $1399, the 46" (KDL46EX720) will cost $1699, the55" (KDL55EX720) will cost $2299 and the 60" (KDL60EX720) will cost $3299. The TVs will ship soon (in February, except the 60" that will ship in April).

SonyEricsson's LiveView finally lands in the US – for $82
Description: SonyEricsson's LiveView is finally shipping in the US – for $82 (it's been available in the UK for quite some time now). The Liveview is an Android accessory with a small (1.3") PMOLED display and can communicate via Android 2.x devices. You can control music, get notifications about phone calls, updates from applications (twitter, facebook) and more. The idea is that you can wear it like a watch:

Why Apple Will Not Release a Cloud-Based iPhone Nano This Year
Description: I like the idea of an iPhone nano. One with a small screen with the same resolution of an iPhone 3GS, powered by an A4 processor. I'd buy one. But a cloud-based iPhone doesn't make any sense. Not right now.

IE9, multitasking goes head to head with Windows Phone 7
Description: Steve Ballmer takes to the stage at the Hotel Somethingorother here at Mobile World Congress. We don't even attempt to make it and sit on the floor at the MWC booth – watching on with increasing leg cramp as the shy and retiring salesman of Redmond tells us, mostly, what we already knew.

Gaming News:

Koihime Musou Gets Arcade Fighter
Description: Heard of Koihime Musou? Girls using popular names from Chinese history, welding huge blades and weapons ? Well, Koihime Musou is getting a fighter game for the arcades.

Bizarre Creations Closing This Week
Description: Bizarre Creations is closing its doors for good this Friday after Activision failed to find a buyer for the studio responsible for a string of highly regarded games.

New Assassin's Creed in the works
Description: Ubisoft confirms it is readying another entry in its award-winning action adventure series; more details due in May.

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