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The Comic Series Every Call of Duty Fan Has Been Waiting For: Black Ops Specialists

For fans of the Black Ops franchise or even just action fans in general, there is now an official ten-issue comic series showcasing the iconic specialists of the Black Ops universe from a new angle – focusing on their backstories and motivations. So far three have been already been released, featuring Ruin, Prophet and Crash, with the rest to be released soon. Among the list of writers and talent working on the Black Ops Specialists comics is Greg Rucka who has previously worked on DC comic books, with hits like the Superman mini-series.

These comics serve as a tie-in and prelude to the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on October 12th, which will be launched on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Which promises “gritty, grounded, fluid multiplayer combat”, as well as the “biggest Zombies offering ever” with three full-time travel, themed adventures upon launch. In IX, you travel back in time to fight hordes of undead in a Roman coliseum – gladiator style, in Voyage of Despair, you capture a mysterious artefact on the Titanic and in Blood of the Dead, a remaster of a fan-favourite map, Mob of the Dead, you play as mobsters trying to escape Alcatraz on the night of a zombie outbreak.

A page from Ruin. Image: Activision

Besides the ever-popular Zombies mode, the classic Multiplayer campaign promises the “most thrilling grounded combat experience… with a focus on tactical gameplay and player choice” emphasizing the impact tactics and Specialist usage have on the campaign. Black Ops is bringing to the Call of Duty franchise the most popular genre of shooters right now, Battle Royale, in the new Blackout mode. Described as bringing the “Black Ops universe to life”, players get to experience signature Black Ops combat on the biggest map in Call of Duty history and get to play as classic characters while battling through iconic settings. 

All these features will be available at launch with an active development cycle for new features and adventures promised. After the recent Open Beta, the Blackout mode looks to be a massive hit among fans and streamers alike and should be a massive player in the Battle Royale genre in the future.

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  1. Holy sh*t! I didn’t know they made a comic book about the game! Dope!

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