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The Cherry MX Red mechanical switch goes ‘silent’

Cherry MX Red Silent

Cherry has teamed up with Corsair in launching a new mechanical switch, the MX Red Silent. The switch has the same activation force as the standard MX Red, which means you still get that great feedback every time you press the switch. The only difference is a new “noise-reduction technology” used to create the switches that softens the noise emanating every time the switch depresses or springs back to the top.

The new manufacturing technique, which involves the injection of a shock absorber made out of elastomer into the plastic cladding of the switch, is what causes the MX Red Silent to be less noisy than the standard MX switches. The result is that the Silent switches have a shorter key travel of 3.7mm vs. 4mm of the standard switches.

Cherry mentioned that it could not the standard O-ring dampeners as that would interfere with the RGB lighting on offer with the switches. O-rings are essentially rubber pads that block the switch from bottoming out, which is what causes the clacking sound on MX switches. By directing injecting a shock absorber to prevent the keys from bottoming out, Cherry is able to produce quieter keys that retain RGB functionality.

The MX Red Silent switch will debut on Corsair’s Strafe RGB Silent gaming keyboard, which will be available later this year for $160. For those accustomed to the standard MX switches, Corsair has announced that it will also make a keyboard variant with the MX Red or Brown available at the same time as the RGB Silent, which will retail for $150.

Source: Corsair

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