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The best Windows laptop is apparently a Mac

According to a report by PC management service Soluto, the best performing Windows laptop in a recent test was a MacBook Pro, created by Microsoft's arch-rival Apple.

It is a nice lump of irony that Apple fans are going to enjoy for a while: based on statistics gathered from 150,000 computers, Soluto found that the best performing Windows laptop was a 13" MacBook Pro.

Of course, Macintosh computers don't ever ship with Microsoft Windows installed. In order to use Windows on an Apple computer, users must install Apple's Boot Camp utility, and pay for a Windows license.

Second on the list below the MacBook was an Acer Aspire, followed by some Dells, another Acer, another MacBook, more Dells, and a Lenovo.

The immediate apparent implications of these results are, of course, that MacBooks tend to have superior hardware to average PCs. While this may be true, tech blogs are quick to point out that all non-Apple computers on Soluto's list came with an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) install of Windows, while any version of Windows installed on a MacBook had to be user installed and customized. This may serve as evidence for the old contention that fresh Windows installs usually perform better than OEMs shipped with a computer.

Among factors that affected laptops' rankings on Soluto's list were the number of program crashes, stop errors, and hangs experienced by a computer in a week. Apparently, the MacBook Pro statistically suffered the least.

Even so, it is hard to see many people buying MacBooks to use as Windows computers for both the hassle of configuring such a system, and for the expense. While Apple computers are notoriously expensive (as evident in Soluto's list), getting a Windows license to go with it sets the user behind another $100-$150 (on average), depending on the version of Windows he or she buys.

Source: Soluto via ZDNet

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