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The Best of 2018: Nintendo Switch Games

The Christmas rush is through and it’s already 2019. You know what that means – it’s time to announce the best games launched in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch! If you haven’t picked these up already, now is the time.

1. Dead Cells

This highly acclaimed dungeon-crawl + Metroidvania platformer has won and been nominated for many indie game awards. And it’s easy to see why. This action-packed game features a ton of upgrades and skills to help you get through the levels. The combat and movement in this game is fluid. Understanding the mechanics and the abilities of the undead creatures are the key to moving forward in this amazing game.

2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The long-awaited Smash Ultimate finally made its debut in early December 2018. A definite classic and still as exciting and fun as ever, Smash is the premier fighting game for the Switch.

3. Celeste

Another platform has made the list this year and it’s of course, the well-loved Celeste. The game’s pixel art is gorgeous and the story, unlike many platformers, was heartfelt. With the easy controls and beautiful setting, this game could make anyone happy.

4. Octopath Traveller

Speaking of pixel art and great stories, it’s impossible not to think of Octopath Traveller. With 8 characters and 32 1-2 hour chapters, you’ll find yourself immersed with this game’s story and interactive combat.

5. Overcooked 2

The Overcooked series is probably the best cooking game to be released in the last 5 years, Overcooked 2 brings the same flavour from the first Overcooked with new recipes and new mechanics. This is one of the better party games for the Switch out there and I definitely recommend it to anyone who frequently plays the Switch with their mates.

6. Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee

Ah, the game many thought would just be like a Pokemon Go plus extra things certainly took the Switch community and pop culture as a whole by little surprise when it came out mid-November. The adorable game shows Pokemon for the first time ever in a game with 3D effects. This friendly Let’s Go will make you smile whether you’re a Pokemon veteran or just a casual player.

7. Warframe

The Warframe port to Nintendo Switch shocked most because of how good it was. The port added portability and motion controls to the fast-paced action game. It wouldn’t be surprising if this becomes the top shooter for the Switch.

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