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That elusive 500 GB Nvidia Shield Pro Android TV console? It’s (probably) real

Outed by mistake already on Nvidia’s website, then quickly filed under developer-oriented products never to go out to consumers, the set-top box surfaced again on Amazon… before vanishing a second time.

Nvidia Shield Console

Now, this is confusing. Will we or won’t we see the Shield Android TV, aka Shield Console, aka just Shield offer 500 GB of internal storage to hardcore yet cash-strapped gamers and media content binge-watchers?

Impossible to say for sure, though if that’s not going to happen, someone’s having a field day elaborately hoaxing the media and tantalizing Nvidia. As far as “erroneous” Amazon listings go, Shield Pro’s is extremely intricate and mighty persuasive.

Unless it’s accurate, of course, a theory supported by a very credible-looking press photo of a retail box with “500 GB Android TV” writing. Come on, Nvidia, admit it, this is no development kit mistakenly indexed as a commercial product.

Shield Pro 500 GB

It’s on its way to store shelves, and will likely cost $300, which would be 100 bucks more than the non-Pro 16 GB version… and a pretty decent deal. All the specifications shall be replicated from the “entry-level” microconsole/TV streamer, including the hyped 4K video output support, high-def 192 kHz audio capabilities, octa-core Tegra K1 CPU inside, 3 GB RAM, microSD card slot, Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity, Bluetooth 4.1, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and HDMI 2.0.

Not to forget about the full Google Play access and, above all, on-demand Grid game streaming functions. Android TV gets an almost unexpected chance to (truly) take off later this month. Stay tuned for a precise release date.

Source: Android Police

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