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Thanks,Thanksgiving! Web shopping up 71% from last year

With more and more computing devices entering the hands of the public, it comes as no surprise that web shopping is steadily outgrowing its brick-and-mortar equivalent. However, this year showed even more impressive results, with web traffic to retail sites almost doubling year over year.

According to stats from Experian Hitwise, web traffic on the holiday of turkey-and-football was up 71% across the top 500 retailers compared to the same time last year. Shoppers from the US alone accounted for more than 181 million visits to the retail sites, with Amazon taking the top spot at approx. 25 million visits on Thanksgiving Day. Walmart followed close behind with 24.6 million visits, and Target took third at 11.5 million visits.

While Experian Hitwise doesn’t count mobile stats, thus skewing the data a little, traffic to shopping sites increased by about 8% throughout the holiday week compared to the previous year.


In other electronic shopping news, PayPal reported that the volume of recorded mobile payments worldwide increased by 173% compared to the same time last year, showing a global trend to accept the concept of online payments more. PayPal's owner, eBay, had it twice as nice as their own shopping site saw a 133% increase in shopping compared to Thanksgiving last year.

The infamous Black Friday was an even greater success for electronic payment service PayPal, as they achieved a 193% increase in mobile payments YOY.

Overall its good news for web retailers, bad news for brick and mortar stores worldwide!

Sources: tech.sina

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