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Tesla Model S pricings announced for European market

Tesla’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales, George Blankenship, recently announced pricing options and information on the Tesla Model S for their European market.

The Model S sedan will be shipped to their Netherlands Tilburg Distribution Center that will serve as their European distribution hub and service center.  Orders for the Model S will be shipping out to European customers in the next few weeks

A December 12th press release from Tesla went over their new campaign of exporting their full electric sedans to Europe at their newly developed Tilburg, Netherlands distribution center.  The new Tesla center will operate as Tesla’s first European full service and parts headquarters along with being the final assembly and distribution for their line of Model S cars sold in Europe.  According to Tesla, a full-fledged general production of a left-hand drive Model S is being planned for March 2013.
George Blankenship who serves as Tesla's Vice President of Worldwide sales, recently stated the new Tilburg facility was chosen after two years or working with numerous agencies from the region.   The area was also chosen due to its central location and ability to move cars to many regions of Europe very quickly.  The facility will also serve as a technical training center for the European headquarters and operate as a collision repair and parts remanufacture.  In all, the facility will hire about 50 workers and possibly more in the near future.  Blankenship further noted that next step for Tesla was to begin taking orders for the Model S and to begin configuring any signature car orders.  Configuration of the left hand drive cars will begin sometime in January 2013.
Blankenship further clarified to Tesla's European customers that the pricing for the Model S and other models in Europe is due to covering the additional transport costs along with other import duties and local taxes.  However, the company stressed that all of the European models would be equipped with the same features and standard equipment and options found on American models.
Tesla’s new European website is now up and running and has all of the prices outlined. For the time being Tesla says that they will only be importing the 60-85kWh cars, and no 40kWh cars will be imported for now – European left handed drives were promised to follow soon in the Spring.  Those in the U.K. who demand the left-handed drive vehicles will be available in late 2013.
Beginning with the base model S with its 65-85 kWh power packages, the car costs 72.600 euros and 83,150 respectively and comes with a 17” touchscreen control and 19” wheels.  As with all the power packages (battery size) the model S will seat five adults and two children.  The Tesla Model S 'Performance' comes with carbon fiber interior accents; an active suspension and traction control with ‘sport mode’ and cost 97,750 euros.  The next model is the ‘Signature’, with its 85kWh power package, and will cost 101,400 euros.  The Signature also comes with optional signature white leather, perforated Nappa leather interior and active air.  The last model is the ‘Signature Performance’ model with its 85kWh power package.  This car is fast and can do 1-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds.  It also comes with a  high frequency inverter, optional red leather interior, optional signature white leather, Nappa leather interior with Alcantara accents and carbon fiber interior accents.  It has the active suspension and traction control and sport mode, a carbon fiber rear spoiler and optional gray 21” wheels – price for the fully loaded Signature Performance will cost 110,950 euros.
The Model S from Tesla is the world's first high-end sedan built form the ground up as a full electric vehicle. The car with its low center of gravity and nearly 50/50 weight distribution performs more like a sports car than an EV.  The model S was awarded by Motor Trend magazine as the 2013 Car of the Year and the magazine further noted that it was the first time in their history that the decision was made unanimous by the MTM judges.


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