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Tesla Beware! Apple rumored to be working on an electric car


Electric car maker Tesla may have reasons to worry if the recent rumors about Apple making an electric car are true. Adding further credence to the rumors is a new report published today by Financial Times that claims Apple is hiring automotive experts to work on a secret project.

According to Financial Times sources, several Apple employees led by managers from the iPhone unit are researching automotive products at its confidential lab. Apple’s Jonathan Ive has also been meeting a number of automotive executives and engineers recently in an attempt to hire talented people from the industry for a secret Apple project.

The secret lab where the project is being conceptualized was apparently set up soon after the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus announcement last year. So even if Apple is indeed working on a car, or should we say ‘iCar’, the actual product may not be ready until a few years. However, most of the sources familiar with the matter believe that Apple is indeed working on a car and not something related to cars like an OS for cars or other forms of software. Apple has recently hired a number of people who are experts in automotive design and vehicle dynamics, which makes it clear that Apple isn’t working on any kind of an automotive software solution.

Could Apple be working on a self-driving car like Google? Or is it planning on taking on Tesla with a range of electric vehicles? These are some of the questions that we hope to find answers to in the next couple of months, or perhaps years.

Source: Financial Times



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