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Temporary fix for iPhone iMessage issues on iOS 7

A number of iPhone users have reported iMessage issues on iOS 7. There’s a simple solution which temporarily fixes the iMessage issues.


Apple’s Support Communities are filled with users’ complaints of an iMessage bug that is causing messages sent through the service to not be delivered. Those who are on the receiving end obviously complain about not receiving messages through iMessage. The bug is also said to affect iMessage’s ability to send messages as a text, the service is able to do that if Apple’s servers are down for some reason. The issue seems persistent on a number of iPhone models running iOS 7.

Threads complaining about this issue go back to September 18, the day Apple first rolled out iOS 7 for the public. However, the frequency of such complaints has risen since last week, when the iOS 7.0.2 update was released. It is not clear right now exactly how widespread this issue is, Apple hasn’t commented on this as yet. The support community itself has found a temporary fix which seems to resolve the iMessage issues for the time being.

At first, iMessage has to be disabled through the Settings app. Then, the iPhone’s Network Settings must be reset by going into Settings > General > Reset. After that, iMessage can be enabled. This is a temporary fix at this point time, it remains to be seen if Apple will roll out a proper fix in the coming days.

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