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Tekken Revolution announced by Namco [free to play]

With only two days left to E3, Namco has announced a whole new Tekken title that’s free to play.

The Tekken series has gone from strength to strength in the homes and the arcades but it looks like it is only going to get stronger with the announcement of Tekken Revolution. The new fighting game from Namco Bandai will feature classic characters such as Jin, Paul and Kazuya and will be free to play starting next week.

The game will also be PS3 exclusive and will be released on June 11th. The game was initially apart of a  GameSpot E3 preview, showing off some incredible games from heaps of third-party developers. The trailer for the fighting game shows off a few seconds of footage with familiar characters and stages punching the hell out of each other. The game going free-to-play could mean a new business model for Tekken fans, starting off the game a lá carte and having player purchase their favourite characters and outfits as the game progresses.

At the end of the new trailer, the video closes with a familiar Twitter handle, that of Katsuhiro Harada. Earlier this week, Harada was suspected to be missing but has since been found to be alive and well.  The truth is Harada had simply not been coming into work, but began tweeting fervently again on Wednesday and finally let the big news go today:


Australia’s Classification Board outed the game last month from a listing on their official catalogue of classifications. The game will be out on June 11th, midway through E3.

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