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Teen dedicates two years to building Minecraft city

A Delaware student has spent the last two years of his life building an entire virtual city in Minecraft, which he calls Titan City. Titan indeed. The city spans 96 buildings constructed from 4.5 million building blocks.

Duncan Parcell, the city’s proprietor, dedicated about five hours a week to build the impressive world. One of his first undertakings was a tribute to the World Trade Center, a building Parcell claimed took 18 months to complete. Initially, the 19-year-old built the city on an Xbox 360, but then transferred his work to PC because it offered more construction opportunities.


Titan City was inspired by New York, but Parcell wants people to know that his city isn’t merely just a recreation.

When asked by the BBC why he chose to dedicate so much time to building a virtual city, Parcell said it was “an outlet for architecture and energy.”

“I’ve always liked architecture. I’m most proud of the less modern builds, the more art deco, and Victorian-style builds,” he said.

“My parents think it’s cool—I think they’re just glad I don’t play it too much,” Parcell added.


It was recently made public that Microsoft has agreed to purchase Mojang—the maker of Minecraft—for $2.5 billion. The man behind it all, Markus “Notch” Persson, said that the attention was getting to him, and that he was not an entrepreneur or a CEO. Instead, Persson wants to go back to his roots of being a programmer and a person who likes to have a voice on Twitter.

While Minecraft is Microsoft’s property, it appears the world and the community still belongs to the people that made the game a huge success.

“A lot of people drop by and want to walk around and explore or help with the build. A lot of them help with roads,” according to Parcell.

Source: BBC

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