TeamViewer’s new update will see a 20x increase in file transfers.


TeamViewer has released the latest version of it’s remote control application and offers major boosts to performance. The application has now also reached ChromeOS and there are options to access Android devices and Linux consoles (without the need for GUI). Among the new features are mobile-to-mobile connections, including screen sharing for Android, iOS and Windows phones, and the latter can now be remotely accessed to offer support from any computer.

The most exciting new features though, are probably the increased performance speeds. File transfers through the app are now 20 times faster than in previous versions, and TeamViewer 12 allows remote sessions with frame rates up to 60 fps. This allows for remote control work on high frame rate tasks like video editing. Feedback times for touch, mouse and keyboard have also improved leading to a smoother experience for the user. TeamViewer is now also supporting macros to speed up common and repeated actions.


Connections now take place through TeamViewer’s “Intelligent connections setup”, which automatically adjusts your connection to a remote computer to ensure the best possible connection quality. Furthermore, all device connections are available in the management console letting you quickly see who has accessed your computer. The program also features service notifications, service case chat, as well as remote stickies, so you can leave a note on a remote computer.

source: TeamViewer

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