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Team Group unveils T-FORCE DARK Series Asus ROG certified DDR4 memory

Team Group has announced a new ASUS ROG certified memory product, the DARK series DDR4 memory. Team Group’s T-FORCE DARK memory is rigorously tested and certified by ASUS officials to obtain the ROG certification. Together with ASUS motherboards, the consumers can have all the top gaming hardware at once to fully enjoy an extreme gaming and entertainment experience.

The DARK series memory features an aluminum heat spreader with an all-new exterior design concept, with a knight armor style. The heat spreader is in fact extended to the top as well as the two sides, providing double layer protection. This complete coverage is also claimed to improve radiating performance by 8%. Unlike rivals that use a two-piece or three-piece heat spreader with cover, Team Group is the only one to use a four-piece heat spreader.

DARK Series

The Team Group DARK series memory modules utilize high quality Samsung Original IC chips, which undergo various rigorous internet tests to ensure the highest reliability. The low working voltage of 1.2~1.4V helps reduce the temperature as well as heat emission to help ensure a stable and long operation. All DARK series memory modules from Team Group support Intel XMP 2.0, allowing for easy 1 step overclocking.

Currently, Team Group is only offering an 8GBx2 kit, with a 3000 MHz frequency and CL16-18-18-38 timings. The product carries a lifetime warranty.

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