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Team Group launches CARDEA M.2 SSDs for gamers

Team Group has announced its fastest solid state drive yet, the T-Force CARDEA M.2. Targeted at gamers and enthusiasts, the T-Force CARDEA M.2 SSD utilizes x4 PCIE 3.0 lanes for up to 2600 MB/s read speeds with NVMe and TRIM support.

The T-Force custom cooling module not just enhances the aesthetic appeal of the CARDEA M.2 SSD, but it also boosts endurance for high-intensity usage. As we already mentioned above, the T-Force CARDEA utilizes the new-gen PCIe Gen3 x4 to achieve up to 2600 MB/s sequential read and 1450 MB/s sequential write speeds. Random read/write numbers go up to 180K/140K IOPS. Thanks to the impressive speeds, you should notice a significant improvement in boot time if you are upgrading from a traditional hard disk drive, along with much faster application loading times. Even compared to a SATA-based SSD, you should be able to notice a slight improvement when loading heavy games and other resource-intensive applications or when transferring huge files for editing,

The Team Group T-Force CARDEA M.2 PCIE SSD uses a high-performance cooling module that has been designed for gaming. The patented gaming fin design allows natural convection or directed air cooling to help with heat dissipation. This basically means you will not have to worry about any slowdown in performance due to rising heat even during high load. Compared to normal M.2 SSD drives, the CARDEA is claimed to operate 15% cooler on average.

The T-Force CARDEA supports S.M.A.R.T function has built-in smart management algorithms functions such as GC (garbage collection) and TRIM command which ensure optimal efficiency, and the service life of the SSD to bring it to its maximum potential. Smart Wear-Leveling technology and ECC (Error Correction Code) function improve the accuracy and reliability of data transfer

Via: TechPowerUp

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