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Targus 15″ Newport Ultra Slim Backpack Review: Function, Meet Style

Targus Newport Ultra Slim Backpack review

The Targus Newport Ultra Slim Backpack. Image: Ian Ling

Office carry options are a dime a dozen, and with everything from totes and briefcases to backpacks to opt from, it’s important to pick one that’s feature-rich, durable and aesthetic – all while fitting your budget. At SGD 149, the Targus Newport Ultra Slim Backpack screams luxury while ticking the requisite boxes.

Its defining feature is its ultra-slim form factor – the perfect shape for all your flat electronics and documents you might tote to work each day.

The 2021 Newport range shares much in common with the luxurious, sleek original Newport series first launched in 2018. Image: Ian Ling

Materials, design & durability

Constructed from high-density twill nylon, the Newport Ultra Slim Backpack has an attractive sheen that’s highly water resistant, and encourages water to bead up and roll off readily. However, there’s no waterproof zippers, and the main compartment opens at the top – so its best to avoid heavy rains where possible.

The nylon twill material keeps the bag water resistant. Image: Ian Ling

But what you get in return are very attractive and high-quality metallic zippers that provide tasteful accents around the bag.

You’ll find some soft-touch suede on the bottom and front of the backpack, along with your main touch point on its top handle. Other materials used in the bag reflect a high degree of elegance – including the stowable seat belt-like shoulder straps and hard metal clips and rings.

Functionality and usage

The straps can be stowed in a magnetically-sealed compartment near the top. A zip at the bottom allows luggage handles to pass through. Also visible on the bottom left is a hidden compartment for valuables. Image: Ian Ling

Apart from the zipper to the main compartment, the outside of the bag is bereft of large designs and openings. You’ll be able to stow the straps and use the bag as a hand-held tote, though the handle isn’t the largest to allow for easy elbow-carry.

Within the main compartment, you’ll find several nooks and pouches to keep an assortment of work essentials and electronics. The main padded pouch is adequately protected and more importantly, suspended at the bottom. It can fit a 15″ laptop, and the smaller pouches in front of it is appropriate for other flat gadgets and accessories like power banks, pens, and cables.

The main laptop compartment with 11″ iPad Pro for size reference. The iPhone 12 Pro Pax and Apple Pencil Gen 2 offer a size reference for the smaller pouches. Image: Ian Ling

Facing these pouches, you’ll find a zippered half-pocket on the opposite side that’s big enough for a Kindle or iPad mini. The rest of the main compartment consists of the space between these pouches, and would be enough for a simple gym outfit and a compact towel – but tough luck with footwear.

Image: Ian Ling

The lowdown

With the Targus Newport Ultra Slim Backpack, it’s great to see elegant office carry options that are as useful and practical as they are aesthetic. With a new tan option in the lineup, the Targus Newport 2021 series maintains a timeless corporate look while improving versatility especially if you’ve got an eclectic wardrobe.

Tiny details like hidden pouches, low-profile luggage loops and stowable shoulder straps show Targus means business – business travel, specifically. Add those to a smorgasbord of neat, attractive materials and textures, along with a handy assortment of pouches and pockets for every knick-knack.

It’s a trend we’re seeing across their range of 5 other 2021 Newport products: the Newport Backpack (SGD 199), the Convertible Tote/Backpack (SGD 199), North-South Tote (SGD149), along with the Newport Sleeve (SGD 69) and Newport Crossbody Pouch (SGD 69):

The Newport Sleeve is lined with a luscious soft-touch fabric, and features a bonus side pouch for accessories. Image: Ian Ling
The Targus Newport Crossbody pouch features metallic loops and a strap that turn this tech pouch into a sling. Image: Ian Ling

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