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Tales of Hearts R Slated for a PS Vita Release in Spring 2013

Bandai Namco Games finally presents a remake for the Nintendo DS game Tales of Hearts. The game will be ported this time for the PS Vita and will be released in spring 2013.

Bandai Namco Games is again continuing its trend of remaking certain Tales series games for other consoles. This time, its Tales of Hearts, a game that was originally released for the Nintendo DS last 2008. The new Tales of Hearts R will feature a new 3D rendered environment, and will have lots of other bonus features that would let gamers treat it as a totally separate version from the original. The game will be ported to the PS Vita, and is scheduled for an official (Japanese) release in spring of 2013.


Aside from the newly 3D rendered graphics the game would also have fully voiced main scenarios. There will also be additional animation sequences to further immerse the players into the game's story. A new battle strategy/command, which is named as the "Chase Link", provides an additional angle of offense for players who want to use aerial battle techniques (waza and ougi) to combo their opponents above ground.

The world map system, a system that is common to many standard RPG's, will also make a comeback in Tales of Hearts R. This would allow the player to experience going through fields and navigating the next town just like any classic RPG.

But perhaps the most anticipated bonus addition to the remake is Calcedny Arcome. Originally a non-playable character in the NDS version, he will now be available in the new PS Vita version as a playable party character.

In general the remake will have many features that would also enable old players of the original version to have something to enjoy. Players who are expecting an English release of the game overseas though might still have to wait yet again, if Bandai Namco Games would ever decide to work on an international version of it soon.

Source: 4Gamer, Bandai Namco Games (JP)

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