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Take a look at Intel’s Merrifield reference design on display at MWC 2014

Codenamed “Saltbay”, Intel’s reference designs give a peek at what Merrifield-based phones might look like.


Intel didn’t have any compelling hardware wins to share at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress — either in announcement of physical form — it did bring along plenty of reference designs.

Spotted on the showfloor by VR-Zone Chinese’s Chris Low, “Saltbay” is Intel’s vision of what a phone powered by Intel’s 64-bit Merrifield SoC might look like.

Included on the device were two apps called Fitness iQ and Engraved that are designed to be integrated into a future suite of fitness oriented wearable tech devices. Fitness iQ uses the phone’s various sensors to allow you to set various fitness goals such as a daily walking distance. Engraved allows the user to tweak the device’s various power modes to optimize battery life depending on use case.



It will be interesting to see how manufacturers make use of the  Z35/Z37’s features when it makes its way into tablets and smartphones.

 With files from VR-Zone Chinese. 

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