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Take a look at Android TV’s game controller

Android-based game consoles have failed thus far, but Google is willing to give another go.


One of the highlights of Google’s I/O conference last week was its Android TV service. Available as a set-top box or embedded into televisions themselves, it promises to bring the Google experience to TV viewing.

As Android TV, as the name implies, is Android powered, one of the features Google highlighted during I/O is the ability to play Android games on the TV. It helps that Android TV is powered by Nvidia’s Tegra K1, giving the device some GPU muscle.


A few days after the conference ended, Redditors found a picture of the Android TV gaming controller a Google I/O attendee posted to Google Plus. This corroborates press renders of the controller discovered earlier.

Of course it’s not very likely that Android TV will do very well as a game console. So far every attempt to mix gaming and Android hasn’t done very well, from the Ouya to the Nvidia Shield so don’t get your hopes too high for some kind of gaming revolution.

Source: Artem Russakovskii (Google Plus), Reddit

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