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Hands-On: Fitbit Charge 2

More than just a regular fitness wearable, the Fitbit Charge 2 is perhaps Fitbit’s best fitness wearable to date. Aside from the basic heartbeat monitoring, automatic sleep tracking, pedometer and waterproof features, the Charge 2 is also capable of keeping you connected on-the-go. That is right, it is able to

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Top 5 Fitness Wearables of 2016

With a few hundred different fitness wearables now available, we are spoilt for choice. However, not every fitness wearable is built the same and each has its unique set of features catering to different types of sporting needs. Let this be your one definitive cheat sheet into fitness wearables and

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Intel may power the next version of Google Glass

Google’s next iteration of Project Glass will purportedly run on Intel’s mobile offering. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the folks tinkering in Google’s lab will double up the amount of ram in its Glass gadget.  However, that’s not the only bit of interesting news about Google’s take on

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