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VLI finally gains USB-IF certification

  This one has been a long time coming, but VLI (VIA Labs Inc.) has finally gained the much needed certification from the USB-IF for its VL800 and VL801 USB 3.0 host controllers. The good news for consumers are that finally you can buy any USB 3.0 host controller and

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HTC gobbles up S3 Graphics

Now here's an interesting turn of events, HTC has bought S3 Graphics, from VIA. This has a lot of interesting implications, least not for VIA which might be standing without a graphics partner for its future chipsets. That said, considering that HTC and VIA has common owners; this isn't a

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VIA goes QuadCore

It's sometimes easy to forget that there are three x86 CPU makers, as VIA, or rather should we say Centaur has such a small share of the market that no-one really ever thinks of them these days. The company has now announced a new model simply named the VIA QuadCore

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