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VR Zone Reviews MekaMon: AR, Robotics Gameplay At Your Fingertips

These days, "gaming" would conjure up high-refresh rate monitor rigs, angular CPUs replete with cooling pipes within, and dizzying, pulsating colours running through clicky keyboards and perfectly sculpted mice. Reach Robotics challenges all those with the MekaMon: a robotic platform that overlays AR gameplay elements on your very own Android

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Laundroid is a Robot that Folds Your Laundry For You

We don't have time to do our laundry, That's just an unfortunate fact of life. Fortunately though, startup Seven Dreamers wants to help us out with the nightmare we face everywhere, with their latest invention, Laundroid, a laundry-folding-robot that looks a little strange. Want to know how Laundroid workers? Here you

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