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HTC One Mini M4 certified by Bluetooth SIG

[gallery columns="4" ids="34981,34987,34983,34982"] The HTC One Mini (HTC M4) received its Bluetooth SIG certification, leaving only the official announcement of the phone left in the things-to-do for the small-and-happy-sized version of the HTC One. HTC's upcoming One Mini has been in the news almost every day for the past couple

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HTC One Mini leaks, is this the M4?

Estonian site posted a bunch of photos of what convincingly looks like the HTC One Mini. Similar design, similar features, smaller size, yup the 'Mini' title is amply justified. We've been hearing for a long time about HTC's mid-range M4 Smartphone (the One being M7). Everybody thought it was the

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Blue HTC One in the works?

Is HTC going to release its beautiful flagship with a new paint job? Earlier this month, a UK based retailer displayed a red color version of the HTC One, which wasn't really a surprise, since HTC  themselves had added the red HTC One to their official website back in February.

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