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Pondering Apple Watch Edition purchase? Asus says you’re out of your mind

The message of the unorthodox, snarky “shopping guide” is simple – buy an affordable ZenWatch instead. In recent years, the competition’s responses to Apple’s big iProduct unveils have essentially ranged from harmless, good old chain-yanking to grave silence. But the most controversial and experimental Cupertino-manufactured gadget was bound to generate

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Classy, stylish, artistic, hilarious: these Moto 360 ads are all that, and more

A leading-edge contraption such as Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch deserved all the best in advertising buildup, and that’s exactly what it received. The major players in tech often take themselves way too seriously. Luxury conventional watch makers are even worse, painting their products this extreme picture of innovators in ostentatious

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