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You want to go digital. Carrying books around is really a chore. With a gadget like a tablet or an e-Reader, not only do you get to ditch the thick bulky book, but you also get to bring around with you not one, but hundreds of books with you on the go. The question now, is no longer if e-books or hard copy books are king, but if e-readers or tablets are your best bet as a digital native. I’ll present the arguments for each side and depending on your needs and experiences, you will find one of them to be more relatable. By the end of this article, your choice should be clear.

E-Reader Superiority

Kindle. The first thing you will think of substituting your good ol’ books with, is the Kindle. The king of all e-readers, the Kindle is a prized alternative to physical books because it emulates the traditional reading experience. The matte screen of a Kindle goes easy on the eyes, and its electronic ink strongly resembles text found on hard copy books. With e-readers, you don’t get the annoying reflective surface and the bright white glare associated with electronic screens. e-Readers with non-illuminated screens are often much less harsh on your eyes so you can use them for longer durations without harming your vision. They also don’t emit blue light, which negatively affect your sleep patterns.

If you intend to read for long durations, then it might be a good idea to use a dedicated e-reader, not only because of its lack of screen glare, but also because it has significantly less distractions than the traditional tablets. Some consider this a weakness, since the e-reader has much less features than a tablet, but I personally consider it a strength. When I’m reading Tolkien’s books, I don’t want a Facebook notification popping up and I don’t want to be tempted to watch a funny cat video when I’m in the middle of The Book Thief.

Due to their lack of features, e-Readers are generally offered at a lower price point, around $100-200 for a good reputable one.

Tablet Superiority

For those who are less attached to the traditional reading experience, getting a tablet sounds like a better idea. The LED screen can be quite annoying and harsh on the eyes, but it also means that your tablets can display pictures. If you intend to read a graphic novel or books with illustrations like medical textbooks, then, a tablet is a no-brainer. For a student, a tablet is a better choice as well since you can access the net incredibly easily to source for more information. You can use it not only as a reader, but also a productivity machine, and even a multimedia device. The drawback being the fact that you might find yourself constantly disturbed and distracted.


There is no right or wrong choice in this case, each device has its own benefits and drawbacks. Whether or not a dedicated e-reader or a multipurpose tablet will suit your needs more is something only you yourself can decide based on your very own needs. If you are an avid bookworm, then a e-reader will be your best bet. If you are someone who just reads casually, occasionally needing the device for other purposes, then go for a tablet.

Zayne Seah
A tech geek going beyond specs.

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