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T-Mobile prepaid iPhone 5 now available at Walmart and Best Buy

The T-Mobile prepaid iPhone 5 is now available from both Walmart and Best Buy, yet another move to clear some inventory prior to the launch of the new iPhone.


This past couple of weeks we’ve seen many promotions and discounts being offered by retails as well as carriers for the iPhone 5. It is widely believed that they’ve been told by Apple to clear their inventories ahead of an impending launch of the next generation iPhone. The time-frame seems just about right,  as Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5S this September, and if such promos keep running by then, a substantial inventory will be moved.

T-Mobile prepaid iPhone 5 costs $649 at Best Buy and $629 on Walmart, which also undercuts Apple’s own price.  Both retailers also offer the iPhone 5 with two year contracts on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Current customers of T-Mobile’s prepaid plans can also purchase this device with in-home activation.

Only the 16GB variant of iPhone 5 is available in either black or white. It hasn’t been said if this is a limited time offering and these retailers will continue to offer prepaid iPhones in the future.

Source: [TmoNews]

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