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T-Mobile CEO tweets eternal Samsung Galaxy Note 3 love… via iPhone

Ever since John Legere took over T-Mobile US, things started looking rosier and rosier for America’s number four wireless service provider, despite it still being kept at bay by Verizon, AT&T and Sprint as far as subscriber counts go.


But even Big Red’s bosses have to admit T-Mo’s “UnCarrier” strategy, dropping contracts and subsidies, has helped Magenta turn a corner, considerably boosting the number of customers for Q2 2013 and raising the brand awareness to probably unprecedented heights.

Yet Legere risks to be remembered by many not as the brilliant businessmen he clearly is or for his charismatic public speaker side he’s showcased in a number of recent press events. Instead, he’ll go down in history as the umpteen public figure responsible for a blunder as serious as, well, amusing.

A relatively active (over 1,100 tweets in total) albeit not extremely popular (14,000 followers or so) Twitter user, the CEO of T-Mobile’s US branch took to his favorite social network yesterday to show his gratitude to Samsung for rolling out phablets in the land of the free and home of the brave.

He then singled out the Galaxy Note 3 for a special mention, claiming he couldn’t possibly go about his business without “his” 5.7-incher anymore. Nothing blunderous so far, after all Sammy is one of T-Mo’s key partners and, even as a big-shot CEO, you have to kiss up to the people that help you pay the bills.


But what Legere didn’t realize was that he was browsing the web from an iPhone and his tweet’s metadata was going to expose that. Which it did, making the exec’s “confession” seem a little dishonest.

Don’t be sad though, Mr. Legere, as you’re in stellar company. Grammy-winning musician Alicia Keys made a similar goof as BlackBerry’s “Global Creative Director”, Oprah Winfrey praised Microsoft’s Surfaces via an iPad, whereas Spanish tennis player David Ferrer insisted “his” Galaxy S4 helped him a lot in his training despite very obviously rocking an iPhone on a daily basis.

Besides, let him who, in a similar financial position to the boss of Magenta, wouldn’t score himself both an iPhone and Galaxy Note 3, plus probably a Nexus 7, iPad Mini and full-sized iPad too, cast the first stone. You can’t do it, can you?

Source: Apple Insider

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