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Symantec’s Norton Core is a router designed to secure IoT devices

With IoT devices gaining momentum, we’re also seeing a rise in malware targeting connected home products. Symantec is looking to tackle the issue with its latest product, the Norton Core router. The router sports a unique design that sees its antenna array housed inside a “geodesic dome of interlocking faces,” with Symantec saying that the design is inspired by defense and weather radars. The design also means that the Core doesn’t look out of place with the rest of your decor.

The design, however, takes backstage to the Core’s primary objective: securing your connected IoT devices. To ensure that it does so, “every network packet incoming and outgoing across the home network is scanned for malware, viruses, spam, intrusions and much more. If a connected device is detected with known vulnerabilities or threats, Norton Core can immediately quarantine the device to a segregated network and send an alert to the user.”

The Core automatically updates itself, and provides a Security Score that lists the network security and ways for users to secure their home network. The router is powered by a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, adequate flash storage, and MU-MIMO as well as Wave 2 for streaming to several devices at the same time. It simultaneously broadcasts on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels, and can deliver up to 2.5Gbps of bandwidth.

Fran Rosch, executive vice president of Symantec’s Consumer Business Unit said:

We’ve all seen the high-profile attacks in recent months and know that hackers are now exploiting an array of connected devices as a new means to access personal and financial information. Norton is extending our digital safety platform in an innovative way – to now include a wireless home router with an atypical artisanal design – to help our customers incorporate security more personally and elegantly into their homes.

Norton Core is up for pre-order right now for $199, with retail pricing set to be $279. Buying the router gets you a year’s worth of Norton Core Security Plus for free.

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