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Surprise: mystery smartwatch prepped by LG and Audi runs Open webOS

Quite the slap in Google’s face, and an unexpected Android Wear snub.

LG Audi smartwatch

A lot happened on the ground in Las Vegas this week, with a slew of prominent tech companies intent to start 2015 on the right foot, and showcase their latest innovations and breakthroughs. After a couple of Consumer Electronics Shows where mobile products shined the brightest, this year’s CES saw PCs make a spectacular comeback, and wearables establish their position as the next big thing.

But as is often the case, the trade fair is winding down, and the media is more focused on what didn’t happen at CES. Samsung’s Galaxy S6, HTC’s Hima and even Sony’s Xperia Z4s were no-shows. Microsoft doesn’t care to further detail Windows 10 at an event with so many different participants, and Apple is keeping that Retina MacBook Air card close to the chest.

Last but not least, Audi teased a groundbreaking new LG-made smartwatch, avoiding to go into specifics, and driving everyone into a frenzy. When is the wearable piece supposed to roll out? What kind of hardware does it feature? How about software? And what’s up with this odd LG-Audi partnership in the first place?

For the most part, the answers to those questions can be merely guessed at the moment. But we’ve already seen the German automobile manufacturer demonstrate the gizmo’s vehicle-controlling abilities, and now Android Central adds another key piece to the puzzle.

LG webOS smartwatch

As it turns out, LG isn’t heart and soul dedicated to Google’s Android Wear platform, going the webOS route for this mystery upcoming timepiece. The Linux kernel-based operating system was not long ago believed dead, but rumors have been floating around for a while now in regards to a possible LG revival.

To be clear, the OS initially developed by Palm, and then sold to HP is currently open source, so in theory, anyone could take code from LG and skin it at will. Who and why would be interested in Open webOS? That’s a question for the ages, but software notwithstanding, we must say the yet to be named LG G Watch spin-off looks mighty appealing in a pre-release, prototype form.

And the promise of remote driverless car control straight from one’s wrist is positively titillating. Let’s just hope we aren’t dealing with CES-specific vaporware here.

Source: Android Central

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