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Surface Mini rumors make a comeback, Surface 3 with Win RT also on the way

In a surprising move, Microsoft is said to reconsider both Surface Mini’s indefinite freeze and Windows RT’s permanent cancellation in order to supplement the Surface tablet series by the year’s end.


There’s no question the launch of the biggest, baddest, costliest Surface device yet, the 12-inch Pro 3, was Microsoft’s Hail Mary pass to recover from the Surface Mini fumble. Ironically, the unforeseen “laptop replacement” is on its sure way to surpassing the popularity of previous entries in the franchise, begging the obvious and tricky question “what’s next?”.

A fourth-gen Pro with a 12-inch+ display, of course, but is that all? Will MS settle for a giant addressing the needs of the elites? Are we in for a completely uneventful next six to nine months in the tablet/laptop hybrid scene?

Not even close, if we are to trust reliable online publication/Microsoft rumormonger extraordinaire Neowin and steady but undependable source of “leaks” TK Tech News. According to both, the Surface RT line is still very much alive, defying heinous critical reception and lackluster sales.

Surface 2

Furthermore, the 8-inch-or-smaller Surface Mini, which MS unintentionally corroborated but never released, may be back from limbo to put Redmond on the budget-conscious, compact slate map. This particular tidbit comes exclusively from TK, and is in no way substantiated by Neowin, the latter saying they still believe the little guy’s future is uncertain at best.

Since Microsoft was reportedly hesitant about rolling out the Surface Mini in the first place fearing it lacked a “wow” factor, we’re inclined to count on the insiders claiming the thing is up in the air. At least for the time being, i.e. until Windows 10 is all finished and ready to ship.

As far as the non-Pro Surface 3 is concerned, we’ll not act we approve of its existence, but odds are it’s real. And coming before Santa, with a slimmer and lighter body than its predecessor, plus less screen real estate than its 12-inch cousin.

We’d rather not speculate any further on specs and whatnot, whereas starting retail costs should circle the $500 mark. Preferably, less.

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