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Supercharged Talking Oven, €1,000 4G Radio, 8K TV: IFA GPC 2018 Part 1

The envelope is always being pushed in all areas of tech. At IFA Global Press Conference 2018 held in Rome, Italy, VR Zone got an exclusive preview of the hottest tech we can expect this year. IFA is an annual show that brings tech from Europe and beyond, and the Global Press Conference precedes that to connect global media outlets with these brands. This year, Sharp announced the launch of the world’s first 8K television, Radionovelli introduced a 4G-connected smart luxury radio, and Miele featured the Dialog Oven, which uses electromagnetic emitters and receptors to imbue food with heat through electromagnetic energy.

Phillips premiered a slew of health-related appliances and mobile applications. Here the Phillips PowerSleep Headband is being demonstrated. Image: Ian Ling

8K Televisions Will Rule The World, 8K Content To Follow

Sharp’s 8K television headlined IFA GPC 2018 with its prime sponsorship of the event. The Sharp Aquos 8K LV-70X500E has already been launched in Asia, and will be introduced in Europe by end April. Effectively quadrupling the resolutions of 4K displays, the Sharp Aquos 8K will have a total resolution of 7680×4320 pixels, with a total 33.18 million pixels.

With tremendous resolutions, 8K allows TVs to grow even bigger. Sharp expects the 70-inch size and beyond to outdo sales of 60 to 69-inch displays with the implementation and popularisation of 8K resolutions. Sharp’s focus on a frameless form factor means that users are able to utilise multiple screens in tandem for a wallpaper effect.

Content will gradually catch up with these 8K displays. The Aquos 8K currently features 4K UHD and FHD resolution upscaling, and Sharp announced partnership with broadcasting corporations in France and Japan to provide 8K content in the years to come. The company also showcased its strategy to strengthen relationships with industry partners in multiple stage of the production process in order to ensure delivery of content of the appropriate resolution.

The €1,000 4G Retro Radio Of The Future

This might just be the most niche product line ever featured at IFA, courtesy of electronics retailer Radionovelli, which is headquartered here at Rome, Italy. The company introduced an all-new product that promises to meld new and old, past and future. Integrating a modern 7-inch touchscreen interface with a familiar Android operating system, Radionovelli’s 4G Radio would make a stunning mantlepiece in any living room with its bold Italian aesthetic.

Coming in at €1,000, the Radionovelli’s 4G Radio boasts FM radio, DAB and Internet support. It also has voice support, allowing users to interact with the radio to ask for more music from the artists, even while the song is being played on FM! The 4G radio also allows companies to better engage their audience by presenting interactive advertisements on the radio, allowing them to directly buy their products.

Axis CEO Paolo Novelli poses next to his brainchild, the Radionovelli 4G Radio. Image: Ian Ling

Miele’s Oven Is Your Personal Chef

Bold claims were made by kitchen appliance giant Miele during their brief. Amongst other promises: cooking timings halved, timings automated to perfection, and an all-new cooking technology that promises even cooking throughout the food.

Executive Director Dr. Reinhard Zinkann introduces the Miele Dialog Oven. Image: Ian Ling

Miele’s Dialog Oven utilises twin electromagnetic emitters-cum-receptors in their ovens to transmit energy-carrying electromagnetic waves. These waves are more capable of penetrating food matter than infrared waves in conventional ovens and microwaves in microwave ovens. This enables food to be evenly heated throughout, while speeding up the process tremendously.

The Miele Dialog Oven looks deceptively normal, but boasts a bevvy of cutting-edge features. Image: Miele

Having both emitters and receptors enables the oven to measure how much energy has been absorbed by the food, and can thus optimise additional energy input. Voice support also means users are able to multitask easily – or perhaps to check out the remaining time without taking one’s eyes from the television.

Stay tuned for more updates from IFA GPC 2018.

Ian Ling
Ian is the resident Tech Monkey and Head of Content at VR Zone. His training in Economics and Political Science is at the basis of his love for journalism and storytelling. A photographer by passion, and an audiophile by obsession, Ian is captivated by all forms of tech that makes enthusiasts tick.

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