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Super Flower unleashes market’s first 2000W PSU


Taiwanese computer case and PSU maker Super Flower set yet another new record with the launch of its Leadex Platinum 2000W PSU. The Leadex Platinum is the first 2000W PSU to have been launched for the consumer market.

The Leadex Platinum 200W PSU has been developed in association with Ian “8Pack” Parry. Parry is widely regarded as one of the most highly regarded overclockers in the world. The PSU is 80Plus Platinum certified and comes with a total of twenty cables. Thankfully, it uses a 100% modular cabling design, so managing those cables will not be a tough task. As for cooling, the PSU includes a 140mm silent dual ball bearing fan that will most likely run at maxmum speed almost all the time.

The PSU supports all Intel/AMD multi-core CPU & ATX/BTX compatible motherboards and can handle 4-way NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFireX solutions without breaking a sweat. Its efficiency levels of up to 94% sounds impressive too. Other main features include ECO Intelligent Thermal control system, over/under voltage protection, and a single rail design.


The Leadex Platinum 2000W PSU is currently available exclusively from OverclockersUK at a price of £349.99 ($527). The price is no doubt steep for a PSU but then we have to keep in mind the enormous power that this PSU is capable of providing. That said though, this PSU may be overkill for the vast majority of enthusiasts out there as very few would get even close to utilizing the full 2000W power potential of this PSU. So unless you plan on building a monster PC system with the most powerful consumer CPU available and four graphics cards, this PSU isn’t what you need. If you use this PSU on a system that requires much less power than the maximum 2000W it is capable of, you may not appreciate the resulting significant drop in efficiency.

Source: OverclockersUK

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