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Sudio Regent Review – Delightful Swedish Headphones That You Can Personalise

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The Swedish are big into clean and timeless designs, and Swedish brands like Sudio are no exception. This is a brand that was dedicated to Phil Colins and inspired by his 1985 hit song ‘Sussudio’. But will their latest creation, the Sudio Regent Wireless Headphones, fire me up like its namesake? Read on to find out!

Build Quality and Design

The Sudio Regent is an on-the ear, lightweight design that sports this appealing clean and minimalist aesthetic. The Regent is poised as a fashion statement that you can customise. You can purchase additional caps to change the Regent’s look. But if you’re purchasing it in Singapore, a set of caps are included in the box. (Mine came with Black Marble caps) If you have a few sets of caps in different colours, you can even mix them up!

Note the included Black Marble Caps. Image Taken By: Aaron T.

It’s got a broad headband cushioned with synthetic leather, yoked to the earcups with a thin brass wire frame. The frame folds in for easier storage, but does not fold flat. When folded in, the wire frames actually protrude which may not make it easier to fit in your bag. Since it does not come with a carrying case of any sort, I’m slightly concerned about whether the frame will get bent out of shape.

Image Taken By: Aaron T.

You can adjust the wire frames to fit different head sizes. The headband was pretty stretchable as well, with no noticeable strain on the frame. Overall the build quality seems quite sturdy and didn’t feel flimsy at all, even when I was stretching it apart.

Performance and Features

The Sudio Regent can be controlled with three buttons located on the right earcup, which takes care of the music and volume controls. The controls are located a little too far to the back to operate with ease, but it was just a slight issue. It comes with a flat audio cable with gold-plated leads and a standard USB cable for charging. There’s a handsfree mic, but the audio cable does not come with one. So if a call comes in and you’re out of juice, you’re out of luck! (Well, you could still hold the phone to your mouth to chat)

Image Taken By: Aaron T.

These cans have a firm clamp that is a tad too tight, especially if you you wear spectacles (like me). I found myself having to take a break after an hour of listening, which I didn’t have to do with most headphones! They also don’t articulate to the shape of your head, so they will apply more pressure to different parts of your ears.

Image Taken By: Aaron T.

The Sudio Regent does come with up to 24 hours of juice on paper. In my own battery tests, the headphones gave up after around 20 hours – playing a looping album at 50% volume. It’s quite likely that you may get 24 hours by playing at a much lighter volume level.

I found much to like about the Sudio Regent’s sound quality. The headphones pretty much has all the important ingredients like a full bass, well defined mids and bright highs. Bass frequencies had a cushioned attack/decay but can extend to the lower registers, despite the Regent’s small size. Mids sounded laid back and quite enjoyable to listen to, whether it’s Ruth B.’s haunting vocals in ‘Lost Boy’, or John Mayer’s gravelly number ‘Perfectly Lonely’.

Image Taken By: Aaron T.

But, having auditioned my fair share of headphones, I tend to notice things in the sound that might not affect most listeners. Overall, I will classify these pair of headphones as ‘warm-sounding’ and ‘laid back’. Perhaps even slightly too muffled for my liking. The upper treble frequencies sounded a bit constrained, such that my music felt like it had a thin layer of fluff over it. Although it delivers on stereo imaging, it has a more compact soundstage compared to other on-ear cans. In spite of all that, the Sudio Regent remains a pretty decent pair for pop, jazz and hiphop music. You’ll enjoy watching your favourite Vlogs on YouTube, since the Sudio Regent had no audio/video syncing issues whatsoever!


At S$229, The Sudio Regent is priced reasonably for its performance level. Comparable headphones like the Sony MDR650BT will offer similar battery life at a lower price point of $199, but will not make a statement like the Sudio Regent with its hallmark Swedish design. If the Regent clamped lighter and had an app with some useful features, it would be very good value for money indeed.


The Sudio Regent Wireless headphones is a clean and fresh design that celebrates simplicity. With its swappable caps, it could match easily with any ensemble throughout the week.  It also happens to sound decent with its deep bass and laid-back sound signature. If you were planning on making a statement with a pair of Skullcandy or Beats headphones, consider buying this one instead!

Image Taken By: Aaron T.

So here’s the final tally:

Build Quality and Design (Wireless Headphones)

  • Pros: Lightweight design. Great build quality that does not feel cheap. Folds in for easy storage. Clean and bright aesthetics that are unmistakably Swedish. Swappable caps change the look of your headphones to fit your preference.
  • Cons: Does not fold flat. The wire frames protrude when ear cups are folded in. No carrying case.

Score: 5/8 (20.8%)

Performance and Features

  • Pros: Simple music and call controls. Impressive battery life of up to 24 hours. Decent stereo imaging. Full bass, well defined mids and bright highs. Mids sounds laid back and enjoyable to listen to. Bass extension is great despite its diminutive size. No audio/video syncing issues.
  • Cons: Audio cable does not have an in-line mic. Upper registers sounds constrained, music sounds slightly muffled. Does not articulate to the shape of your head. Fairly tight clamping pressure.

Score: 7/12 (19.43%)


  • As the Sudio Regent scored slightly above average for Build Quality, Design, Performance and Features, the Sudio Regent scores average for value for money.

Score: 3/5 (19.98%)

Final Score: 6/10

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