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Study shows 1/3 of all PC owners shift tasks to mobile devices

More mobile devices are being used today for surfing the web or interacting on social media sites than ever before. A new report from the global information company, NPD Group, shows that consumers are venturing away from the PC for basic Internet browsing, and entertainment.

No one could have envisioned a day when the personal computer would be considered a dinosaur? All things considered, the humble PC is still the norm for performing most office and home tasks in regards to work.  However, that is changing very rapidly, and a new report from the NPD Group backs up this fact showing us an alarming trend that may see the PC largely disappear in the coming decade.

The NPD Group report shows that Internet browsing is still the highest with PC owners at 75% usage.  Smartphones come in at a close second at 61% and tablet usage for the Internet surfing comes in around 53%.  With social media sites like Facebook, usage interaction shows PC owners at 63%, 39% with tablet users, and 55% for smartphone users.

Among tablet owners, 27 percent say they are using their PC less frequently for accessing the Internet and 20 percent say they are using their PC less frequently for accessing Facebook,” reads the NPD Group report. “Twenty-seven percent of smartphone owners have decreased both their Internet and Facebook usage on their PCs because they now use their smartphone for these activities.”

While it might look like the end of the PC era, some experts tell us it really is not all doom and gloom for the PC just yet.  John Buffone who serves as director of devices for Connected Intelligence agreed that while we are seeing major shift in behavior among consumers, he said that computers would continue to be an important tool in regards to content creation for a long time to come.  

Buffone also clarified that consumers are just basically switching where they spend most of their recreation time on the Internet, such as browsing videos or communicating online through Facebook.  

“Consumers, however, are switching their entertainment-centric behaviors to tablets, smartphones, and connected TVs at warp speed,” Buffone says. “During 2013 this trend will be further perpetuated as more mobile devices become enabled with screen sharing technologies such as AllShare and Miracast that allow users to bridge their mobile devices to their TV screens.” 

Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor is an accomplished writer who works as a freelance journalist and has contributed to many award winning media agencies, which includes VRzone. Born in 1971, Taylor holds a Bachelor of Science with a focus in Journalism, graduating Magna Cum Laude. An eclectic writer, Taylor specializes in editorials, trending technologies and controversial topics such as hacktivism and government spying.

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