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How To Stop Facebook From Autoplaying Videos

Have you ever had your friend’s Facebook video play spontaneous whilst you’re scrolling through your news feed, clogging up your internet speed and playing loud noises in the middle of a quiet library? Here’s what you need to do, if you want your computer to stop playing them and if you want to save mobile data on your phone.

On Computer:


  • Log into Facebook and click the Arrow button at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Select Settings


  • Select Videos
  • See that Facebook has decided to turn autoplay on for your videos and well, turn that annoying thing off

Thing is, there is a kind of disconnect between Facebook’s web browser version and your mobile version, so disabling it on Facebook’s Chrome browser isn’t going to do anything for your Android or Apple smartphone. You just have to disable it manually yourself. I know, it sucks.

But here’s how to do it anyway.

On iPhone


  • Don’t go to Facebook, go to your native settings, then select Facebook
  • Then select Settings, yes, “settings-ception” is about to set in right now
  • If you are concerned about how Facebook seems to be eating up all your mobile data, then select Auto-play on Wi-Fi only

If you are an Apple hater, or maybe you just love that green robot, then here’s how you do it on your Android smartphone.

On Android

Facebook Video AndroidFacebook Video Android (2)Facebook Video Android (3)

  • On Android, go to the Facebook app first
  • Go to Settings
  • Select App Settings
  • Select Autoplay
  • Either choose autoplay on Wi-Fi connections only or Never Autoplay if you find it annoying

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