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Steve Wozniak denies bashing new iPads, says he was misquoted

After several stories made the rounds last week that Steve Wozniak wasn’t impressed with the new iPads, the Apple co-founder has come out to clarify that he never actually said that, and that he was misquoted by reporters.

Steve Wozniak

This time around, Steve Wozniak wasn’t in attendance at the Apple media event apparently because he was travelling to London for Apps World. He was asked by reporters there what he thought about the new iPads that had been announced. What he meant to say was that the lack of an increased storage option didn’t make the new iPads a viable upgrade for him, personally, and that this statement was skewed to make it seem like he was bashing Apple for not adding more storage. With regards to the new tablets, Wozniak says that “they are fine.”

In an email interview with Gina Smith, author of Wozniak’s memoir, the Apple co-founder says that he was misquoted by reporters. He also lashes out against UK press, which he claims to be the “worst in the world for mischaracterizing what I say.” Wozniak says that he’s not one of those people who rush out to buy every new product upgrade that Apple releases. He professes his love for his iPad, and also mentions that he didn’t upgrade to the Retina model right away back in 2012 and waited until January 2013 to upgrade when Apple finally added a 128GB model to the lineup.

So there you have it. Wozniak never meant to say that the new iPads weren’t good enough, he wasn’t bashing them. He was merely expressing his own opinion that the lack of more storage doesn’t make them a viable upgrade for him at this point in time.

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