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Steve Jobs initially wasn’t a fan of white Apple products

Apple has offered its products in white for quite a long time now, but the company’s co-founder wasn’t a fan of the color at first.


Many stories have been told about Steve Jobs’ perfectionism when it came to design as well as the look and feel of Apple products, products that the late co-founder’s good friend Sir Jonathan Ive crafted from materials that appealed to Jobs. It was back in 2001 when Apple first started using white color for all of its products, but the designers had to convince their boss that the color was worth going for.

Author Leander Kaheny reveals in his new book Jony Ive, The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products that “Job’s instincts were against white products.” Ive however was in favor because he had been crafting products out of white plastic since his school days. He opted to start making Apple’s products in white after the iMac went through its translucent colorful plastic phase. When the company made the iBook in white, Ive wanted to use the same color with the iPod as well.

To make Jobs happy, because he disliked white color, the designers created several variations such as snow white, glacial white, cloud white and moon gray, which looked like white but was actually gray. Jobs liked it and approved it for a keyboard and then the color ended up being used for the iPod’s earphones. Doug Satzger, who was a part of Apple’s design group, said that the moon gray and seashell gray shades that they developed were so close to white that they appeared to really be white, but actually they were gray. So the cords on the iPod’s earphones, which most people called white, were actually a shade of gray.

 Source: Business Insider

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