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Steve Jobs Figurine Released

Like him or loathe him, no one can deny that Steve Jobs is one of the most iconic figures in the world of computing and consumer electronics, for a variety of reasons. And apparently, so great is his fame that a Chinese manufacturer has seen it fit to give the Apple founder his own figurine. Seems like Steve is now one step closer to his grand plans of world domination.

Generally, we’d do a little write-up as per our usual habit when it comes to news reports. But this time, we figured that we’d just skip the intro and cut straight to the chase. After all, the little headline in the article has essentially given most of the story away.

To keep things simple, a Chinese manufacturer apparently saw it fit to immortalize Steve Jobs in the form of a figurine. And based on the images released, we have to admit that does look exactly like the Apple founder himself.

Technically, the little figure of Steve can hardly be called an ‘action figure’. After all, the only thing Steve is doing is to hold up an iPhone 4; it is not as he is getting into fisticuffs with the likes of other CEO figurines such as Steve Ballmer or Eric Schmidt. But hey, it is still a nice figurine nonetheless.

Oh, and one more thing. Mini-Steve is going to be available only as a limited edition run, and the first batch of these figurines have already been sold out. M.I.C Store has also stated that only 300 mini-Steves will be made, so you might want to start camping at their web store to see when the next batch of figurines will come in. Don’t worry, they are only US$79.90 apiece.

Reference: M.I.C Store

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