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Stephen Elop may neuter Bing and trim Xbox if elected CEO

Stephen Elop, if elected as the next chief executive officer, may make the move to sell off the company’s search engine product, Bing, and restructure or split the Xbox gaming console division from its parent company.


Elop is among one of the two external candidates that are still in the hunt to become the next CEO of the world’s most prominent software maker, and according to Bloomberg, the ex-Nokia chief is currently formulating some strategies that will rid the company of a few unprofitable deadweights.

Some analysts and even Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen have already noted that Bing isn’t doing well against Google’s search engine product.  Therefore, Bing should be sold off so that Microsoft can focus on what its actually good at—that is, the enterprise and cloud.  Microsoft’s Xbox business, on the other hand, will likely remain as it is even though it has caused the company to lose several billions over the last couple years.

Microsoft is attempting to create an ecosystem where its hardware offerings will be the main driving force of its software.  The Washington, Redmond-based company has already launched various mobile hardware that runs on either its Windows RT platform or the full Windows 8 OS.  With the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile hardware business, Microsoft is hoping that it can somehow wedge itself into a market dominated by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Source: Bloomberg

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