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Steam’s and Amazon’s autumn sale brings huge savings on PC games and more!

Steam is notorious for it's sales and special offers, and the new Autumn Sale cuts prices on select retail and Indie games by up to 75%. The sale offers a new bargain each day until Nov. 26, so stock up while you can!

Steam's brand new Autumn Sale brings huge discounts on many games (up to -75% off) and offers new savings everyday until November 26. You can find a few of today's discounts above, or visit Steam's official website for the full rundown of all the digital titles including in the site-wide sale.

Gamers can now get their hands on some of 2012's greatest releases for an affordable price, including–but not limited to–retail games as well as a smorgasboard of Indie titles including Terraria, which is on sale for only $3.39, or id Software's RAGE which is just a meager $4.99!

The Autumn Sale ends on Nov. 26th and every day brings a new bundle of savings, so get your games today while they're cheap!



Amazon is also celebrating Turkey Day just like any other major retailer: with a huge Black Friday sales event that slashes prices on tech, books, TV and movies, and of course video games. Amazon's Black Friday Deals Week offers pretty big savings on an impressive array of games across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and even handheld systems like the PS Vita.

Every day offers brand new savings, and with the Zon's Video Games Calendar, gamers can see what discounts are offered during which day so they can plan their moves accordingly.



Some of today's discounts include Bethesda's new stealth adventure game Dishonored ($25), the critically-acclaimed fan-favorite game of the year RPG Skyrim ($25), and even a 3-Month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription ($10) which comes in handy if your XBL sub runs out too soon.

This sale is right in time for the holidays and offers the perfect gift for the geeky gamer in your life…but act fast because the sale won't last forever! These prices are sure to put a smile on any gamer's face and light up the year with good old-fashioned holiday cheer.

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