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Steam’s aggregated usage numbers shows Windows 8 blowing by OS X

In the slow but steady news it would seem that Windows 8 is on the road to proving Valve's Gabe Newell wrong as the Windows 8 numbers blow past the aggregated numbers for OS X, and it's rising.

Just before Microsoft launched its newest version of the Windows operating system Gabe Newell from Valve, a prominent game developer and one of driving forces behind the Steam digital game distribution channel, came out very strongly against Windows 8. As a headline generator and rallying point for all those anti-Microsoft tech pundits it doesn't get any better than strong rhetoric like what Gabe Newell had to say.

So it is both interesting and humorous that we get news today that Steam's own official usage stats shows that Windows 8 has a combined usage share of 4.69% on the Steam network; and this is still early days for the new operating system. When compared to the numbers for OS X on the same network we can see that even at this early stage Windows 8 has surpassed Apple's operating which sits at just 3.26%.

To date Windows 8 has snagged almost 5% of platform usage on Steam but it still lags behind its older brother as Windows 7 has the largest percentage of Steam usership coming in a t 72.56%.

A couple of other interesting tidbits from the Steam numbers are:

  • Multi-monitor usage: 19.11%
  • DirectX 11 – the newest generation of the DirectX engine: 9.17%
  • Primary display resolution of 1920 x 1080: 29.71%

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