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Steam PC gaming rolling into your living room by 2013

When it comes to gaming, specifically PC gaming, there is no bigger name than Valve and its online game store–Steam. Following the company's negative comments regarding Windows 8 there has been all kinds of rumors floating around that we could see anything from controllers to consoles in 2013.

Over the past year there have been all kinds of rumors making their way through the tech blogosphere about the future of Valve and Steam, its online game store. These rumors have included everything from Steam specific game controllers to Valve building their own consoles. These rumors have been helped along with comments from Gabe Newell about how Windows 8 will be a failure for game developers and gamers as well as the fact that Steam has added support for Mac OS X and is working on support for Linux.

Add to that the announcement this past week of the company's "Big Picture" initiative, which is designed to be used with your big screen television and gamepads. According to a recent interview with gaming blog Kotaku Newell has said the response to the "Big Picture" mode has been a lot stronger than expected.

It is things like this that some believe could help push Valve, and possibly other companies as well, to release living room PCs that are designed to be more like consoles. In regard to this Newell had this to say:

I think in general that most customers and most developers are gonna find that [the PC is] a better environment for them. Cause they won't have to split the world into thinking about 'why are my friends in the living room, why are my video sources in the living room different from everyone else?' So in a sense we hopefully are gonna unify those environments.

When it comes to a Steam branded "Big Picture PC" he said that it would have to be a "very controlled environment" – you know .. like a game console.

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