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Steam launches Big Picture Mode

Steam has launched Big Picture Mode, a full screen user interface especially intended for users who enjoy playing their games on a TV

Big Picture Mode is a new full screen UI accessible via a button in the upper right corner of your Steam window. It's intended mainly for people who enjoy playing their games on a TV, as opposed to a computer, and has an easily navigated and sleek interface with increased gamepad support.

The main window in Big Picture Mode


The new interface reminds somewhat of other full screen UIs, such as the windows media center, but is far better organized and less cluttered. The main window cycles between the Steam store, community and library, and are explored via mouse, keyboard or gamepad. Games are organized in nice, high resolution  icons in a grid that's easy to navigate. The same can be said for the store and community features as well


To celebrate the new UI, Steam is having a sale until December 10, where they're offering some of their more controller friendly games for very reasonable prices, some of which are on as much as 75% sale.

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