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Steam announces new Community Feature – Game Guides

Steam, Valve's online game site, is on quite the roll of late with an announcement  recently of a new beta feature for Steam members – Games Guides.

Over the past couple of months Steam has been on quite the roll when it comes to rumors about the company and the rolling out of a number of beta features for the service and its users.

We've heard about the rumors of a Steam game console (which still makes no sense to me personally) to support for Mac users along with early testing for Linux support… Then there is the Steam Greenlight project that allows Steam members to select and vote on which indie developer games will make into the Steam gaming portfolio.

Now we get news that a new feature for the Steam Community called Game Guides has been made available as a beta that is open to all Steam users (as long as they have selected to be notified of beta versions of the service).

As any serious, and not so serious gamer knows, there are times when playing a game for the first time that having something like a walkthrough, or guide, can make the difference between enjoying that new game and pulling out one's hair while banging one's head against the desk. With this new Game Guides feature you can create a guide for your favorite game and then share it with your fellow players.

Once you have selected to create a guide you will be able to upload and insert images, or use screenshots that are already in your Steam gaming cloud. You can insert YouTube videos and add friends to help you write the guide as well. When done just hit the publish button and your guide for that specific game will become available for everyone to use.

To use this new beta feature you will need to be a member of the Steam Community Beta Group.

Personally I think that this will be a great addition to Steam especially after suffering through having to hunt up game walkthroughs in the past. Having guides available at the same place as your games, and hopefully a step above the ones you find in the wilds of the Internet, will be a really nice bonus.

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