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Start8 App returns start menu to Windows, sells in tens of thousands

Windows 8 did something rather bold when they decided to rid themselves of the start menu and put their money on Modern UI instead. As with any bold move, there's plenty of people who like it the old way, and the app known as Start8 is proof of this.

Ridding Windows 8 of the iconic start menu is one of the most controversial things Microsoft has done in recent years, and a lot of people are uncomfortable with the idea. Streamlining issues between the desktop mode and Modern UI doesn't make things better. Stardock has developed a new application called Start8, a mod for Windows 8 which brings back the start menu (as it appears in Windows 7) to the desktop mode.

Old school charm


Windows 8's users seem to be keen on seeing the start menu return to their computers. A spokesperson for Stardock said to USA Today that their $5 app has sold in the tens of thousands since it was released on October 26. In fact, the spokesperson referred to the release as "floodgates opening". The free version of the app has also been downloaded tens of thousands of times.


An update was released for the app which restores even more of the old Windows feel, including a function which disables the start screen when you click in the lower left corner. You'll also be able to drag and drop items in the start menu.

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