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Star Wars VII script completed – filming to commence in May

Director of the unnamed seventh Star Wars film has confirmed that the screenplay is finished, and that filming will commence in May. Though he would not share any details, there is both doubt and courage to be found in the script’s confirmed influences.


Fans of the Star Wars saga now have reason to sing with joy —  though many will probably keen with sorrow.

J.J. Abrams, the director selected to helm the seventh Star Wars installment, has confirmed that the script for the film is now complete and filming will commence in May.

“We have our script,” said Abrams while stopping at a Television Critics Association winter press tour, “and we’re full steam ahead.”

While refusing to discuss specific details about the script’s content, Abrams indicated his urgency to select a cast, and begin work on the film soon. This month, a December 15, 2015 release date was made official, setting a modest pace for the filming and post processing of what will likely be —  if the rest of Abram’s career and Star Wars history should serve as a guide —  a Hollywood spectacle, and box office smash.

Skeptical Star Wars fans, feeling anxious during this black box stage of secrecy, may take some small comfort in the fact that Abrams penned the script alongside Lawrence Kasdan, co-writer of the critically acclaimed installments ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, and ‘Return of The Jedi’.

Lucasfilm employee Leeland Chee recently confirmed on Twitter that the company’s story group has been working to narrow down the colossal Star Wars ‘expanded universe’ into a single, absolute, coherent canon, which will serve to define what is officially part of ‘Star Wars’ and what is not.

These decisions have no doubt resulted from, and will no doubt have influenced, the creation of Abram’s screenplay. But for now, and likely for months down the road, the story content is under lock and key.

Star Wars geeks fretting about the fate of their beloved franchise would do well to control their emotions until then, and find calmness by bringing themselves into balance with the force; and they had better hope that Disney does not find their lack of faith disturbing.

Source: USA Today

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