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Star Wars Battlefront III was 99% done upon cancellation

Co-founder of Free Radical, the developer behind the canceled Star Wars Battlefront III, revealed recently that the game was 99% finished when funding was cut.

Free Radical Design, who developed Haze and were working on Star Wars Battlefront III, recently had some leaked footage of the latter hit YouTube. Nearly an hour of leaked footage hit the web earlier this year, and was met with positive feedback. Now, Free Radicals' co-founder, Steve Ellis, has commented on the game. He explained that during the development of Haze, the developers had tech problems and were generally in a slump, but that they had climbed out of that slump. Battlefront III was very ambitious and in Ellis' mind, would have been their most successful game:

Screenshot from the game


"We were making a game with very high ambition. You could start a battle on the ground, jump into a ship and fly into space, continuing on to dock in a capital ship and continue the battle there. We'd had to build all kinds of new tech and overcome numerous technical challenges and limitations but we had done it." he explained. In fact, Ellis claims they had done it to 99%; that all which remained in the game's development was bug fixes and patching, and that the game was essentially finished.


However, when LucasArts had a change in management, it seems that for whatever reason, it was decided not worth investing in the game anymore, and Battlefront III was canceled. As the game was due out for current gen consoles, perhaps we can hope for a digital release at some point.

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